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Education is a future force with the power to move mountains, build bridges, and change the world, and at Skies Immigration we value your education with our seamless expertise in realizing your Canada study visa requirements. Having an education abroad is every student’s dream but due to the lack of immigration knowledge, only a few could materialize this fantasy into reality. That’s where we come in, with our years of experience and authentic training module our staffs are well versed in providing you with the best educational opportunity in Canada. Due to a lower cost and higher standards of living, Canada is placed at the no. 1 spot for settling permanently and not to mention the abundant study opportunities and social benefits that makes it a dream destination.

Academic Excellence

Canadian colleges reliably rank in the World University Rankings for their extraordinary scholastic greatness. Between the QS World University Ranking organization and Times Higher Education World University Rankings, 30+ Canadian colleges rank as the best on the planet.This must be because of the great instructive principles proposed to researchers.

Research Opportunities
Global understudies benefit from the enormous exploration open doors in fields like Medical Sciences, Natural Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Engineering and Technology. Colleges in Canada are strongholds for generally 40% of the nation’s innovative work habitats.

Making a vocation speculation through any tertiary establishment in Canada is totally worth the effort!Beside the reasonable educational cost, Canadian schools and colleges are arranged in urban areas and towns with reasonable convenience choices.Also the various grant helps.

Pre-study and Post-concentrate on Work Opportunities

Canada is affordable which empowers its understudies to get to pre-study and post-concentrate on work amazing open doors.While considering, understudies can get seasonal positions with adaptable work hours to bring in additional money.In the wake of finishing your examinations, a Post Study Work Permit qualifies you to work in Canada for an additional three years.

Permanent Resident Opportunities
In Canada, unfamiliar understudies are viewed as the most reasonable possibility for super durable residency.Since most worldwide understudies have or are going through the schooling system of accomplishing sought after abilities, they are viewed as ideal candidates for PR.Understudies in Canada are youthful and get familiar with the country’s true dialects; which makes them the top contender for PR.
Best Country for Living
Canada positions as the best country for quality living on the planet. US News and World Report rates Canada in its general best country for quality living.This implies global understudies coming into the nation can be have confidence of an amazing way of life while considering.
Cultural Diversity
As a multicultural society, Canada offers unfamiliar understudies a socially enhanced concentrating on climate.Schools and colleges in Canada perceive and invite researchers from every single ethnic gathering.Canadian urban areas slither with occupants and residents that put themselves out there in their local vernaculars when it calls for it. Education System in Canada Canadian domains and regions assume the instructive obligations of essential, optional, and post-auxiliary schooling. From support to post-graduate examinations and then some, Canadian instructive guidelines stays sensational. Canada constantly makes strategies that empower unfamiliar understudies to get to top notch instructive open doors.
Education System in Canada
Canadian regions and areas assume the instructive obligations of essential, auxiliary, and post-optional training. From support to post-graduate investigations and then some, Canadian instructive principles stays amazing. Canada ceaselessly makes approaches that empower unfamiliar understudies to get to top notch instructive open doors. Today, Canadian degrees and recognitions assist with opening ways to worldwide perceived profession open doors for unfamiliar alumni. With the assistance of the Canadian government, global understudies can now profit from undergrad, graduate, and post-graduate review programs – across rustic and sub-metropolitan districts in Canada.

Associate Degree

In Canada, a partner degree is a two-year undergrad program that permits qualified understudies to get conceded into partner colleges. With a 60-credit pass score, the understudy would take his/her third-year coursework at a partner college.

Certificates & Diplomas

Getting a testament in Canada would ordinarily require one year or less. On the other hand, unfamiliar understudies can get their recognitions in somewhere around 2 years.

Doctorate or PhD

Being a perceived doctorate or Ph.D. holder in Canada might require 4-7 years of concentrates in a predetermined field. Subsequent to contemplating, endorsed understudies need to guard their works for capability by a board of trained professionals.

Post-graduate Diploma & Certificate

The post-graduate degree of training in Canada offers understudies a wide scope of authentication and certificate choices. These projects require somewhere in the range of one and two years to finish with accreditations that could end up being useful to send off a graduate degree program.

Master’s Degree

A Master's certificate program can be finished in a couple of years relying upon the choice of the endorsement. You could either go for the Masters by Thesis program (with the compulsory accommodation of an examination project) - or apply for the Masters by Non-proposition program.

Bachelor’s Degree

It requires somewhere in the range of three and four years to sack a Bachelor's certification in Canada. Proficient degree programs with a four-year time period incorporate - two years of basic examinations and two years of specific instruction.

Cost of Studying and Living in Canada
For most unfamiliar understudies, their panic starts and end with the expense of study and living abroad. Fortunately, schooling in Canada is reasonable. Dissimilar to most English-talking countries, Canada offers low educational cost to worldwide understudies hoping to study while giving quality instruction. Taking a gander at the expense of lodging, transportation, food, and medical coverage, Canadian cost for most everyday items is low.

Tuition Fee

Students coming into Canada to study shouldn't anticipate spending more than CAD 8,000 and CAD 30,000. With Post-graduate, Master's, and Doctorate programs, the educational expenses shift contingent upon the stream or course. Preferably, a MBA program ought to cost somewhere in the range of $30,000 and $40,000.


Unfamiliar understudies have the choice of utilizing public transportation like cabs, transports, metros, and trains to drive in Canada. To cost of transportation to their regarded schools or colleges ought to go between CAD 100 and CAD 200.


In not many situations where the college doesn't propose nearby convenience, unfamiliar understudies can depend on off-grounds convenience. By and large, convenience outside grounds ought to cost between CAD 400 and CAD 700 month to month.

Health Insurance

Unfamiliar understudies that mean to concentrate in Canada should have health care coverage. It's a compulsory necessity for each program and the expense contrast across different locales of Canada.

Living Expenses

The expense of mingling, shopping for food, and crises in Canada for an understudy ought to cost 15,000. Correspondence costs shift contingent upon the call or information plan. Library participation assists you with saving a ton on books and supplies.

Work While Studying in Canada
Working parttime as you study is one reason unfamiliar understudies decide to learn in Canada. As understudies work parttime, they accumulate sufficient professional training as well as set aside to help their cost for many everyday items. All the more critically, unfamiliar understudies don’t require work licenses to get a temporary work that pays

Working On-campus

Full-time understudies with concentrate on grants and social protection numbers (SIN) can work at their specializations, library, or recorder's office nearby.

Working Off-campus

Unfamiliar understudies by and large favor working as long as 20 hours consistently off-grounds. The positions empower them to work for something like 20 hours week by week while school is in meeting and full-time on summer breaks.

Working Under the Co-op or Internship Programs

Unfamiliar understudies for the most part favor working as long as 20 hours consistently off-grounds. The positions empower them to work for something like 20 hours week by week while school is in meeting and full-time on summer breaks.

Are You Coming into Canada for Studies Soon?
Then You’ll Need the Following

Pack Essentials

Begin pressing your fundamentals like medication, declarations, PC, cell phone, travel archive, understudy visa, additional apparel, etc.

Search for Accommodation

On the off chance that you would be able, get solid convenience prior to leaving your nation of origin for Canada. Access the data gave on understudy sites to assist with restricting your convenience search.

Organize Your Finance

While settling down in Canada, you'd require additional money for portability, telephone, and convenience - which you can believe your GIC return to assist you with getting sorted out your money.

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